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Building An Effective Movement to Fight Oil & Gas: A National Leader Meet n Greet

2024-HHN-Networking Session

Join us on Zoom to meet others working to end oil & gas pollution.

This event is hosted by leaders from different regions across the U.S. and is a unique opportunity to meet people working on different campaigns and bringing different resources to our shared goals of ending oil & gas pollution.

Please join us, even if you’re new to Halt the Harm Network. You can expect discussion prompts, share-back from our panelists, and discussion in small rotating breakout rooms.

Stay connected with people you meet in this private network. View profiles, send messages, swap resources, follow links, etc… A lot of people (over 100) have joined Halt the Harm Network in the past month, so this is going to be fun!

Read more about the network fellows here.

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