Introduction to FracTracker’s Image Archive

April 30, 2021

FracTracker released our improved multimedia platform of fracking imagery for your convenient use. You can easily view, download, and share photos and videos of oil, gas, and petrochemical impacts. We’ve made it easy for you to find what you need within over 1,800 photos, GIFs, and videos of the various aspects of fossil fuel industries and activities.…

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Bitcoin Mining and Fracked Gas Powerplants

April 8, 2021

A privately owned fracked gas plant in New York State is generating energy to power an energy-intensive bitcoin mining operation. They also want to use a freshwater lake for plant cooling, affecting the temperature of the lake, fish viability, and surrounding ecology. This webinar features guests from Missoula Montana to speak about the impacts of…

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Fracking and Fiction with John Lyons, Unearth

April 2, 2021

A conversation with John Lyons, director of the fracking horror film Unearth to discuss the role of fiction and narrative media in building awareness about the harms of fracking. powered by Crowdcast

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Injection Wells In Your Community: What You Need to Know

March 30, 2021

The waste products from oil and gas development are highly radioactive and pose dangerous risks to human health and the environment. These wastes are often stored in injection wells, which can potentially lead to earthquakes, leaks and contamination of local water sources and other issues. While states like Ohio have traditionally taken this waste for…

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Fracking and Personal Pollution – FracturedUSA

March 1, 2021

Do you or a loved one live near fracking operations? Do you know what’s in the air and water, and what may be migrating into your body – or the body of your children? Join EHS director Douglas Fischer, reporter Kristina Marusic for a brief presentation about their latest report, Fractured. Learn about the report’s…

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Welcome Session! What is Halt the Harm Network?

January 26, 2021

Hey everyone! We’re going live with a new series of events from Halt the Harm Network, starting with a welcome session to give some new members a chance to connect and catch up. powered by Crowdcast

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2020 Alliance Map is here! 📲

December 21, 2020

Ever wished you could have a list of all the community groups working to fight fracking? What about a searchable map? Well, the new Halt the Harm Network App is here! It’s an easy to use mobile app that makes all this information easily accessible. We’re adding new features constantly with your input. You…

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6th Annual FracTracker Sentinel Awards (Video)

December 13, 2020

The awards ceremony begins with music, introductions, and then you’ll hear from outstanding grassroots organizers Edith Abeyta, Yvette Arellano, Theresa Landrum, and Brenda Jo “BJ” McManama. Dozens of supporters and grassroots leaders participated from all across the movement to recognize the hard-fought successes and perilous struggle for environmental justice. Four inspirational grassroots activists have nominated…

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Making the Invisible Visible – Air Pollution & Citizen Monitoring in Belmont

November 7, 2020

According to the Environmental Health Project, active frack pads, compressor stations, and processing facilities regularly emit particulate matter. This includes nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other chemical pollutants that we aren’t able to see. When ingested, these emissions can cause or exacerbate a host of short- and long-term health problems, including headaches, eye…

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5 Reasons Local Campaigns Should Host Webinars and Online Events

November 6, 2020

There are many reasons you would benefit from adding online events beyond raising awareness about the issue. Here are 5 other reasons which can help you get even more value for the time you put into planning and hosting your event. When you work with Halt the Harm Network to plan an event, these 5…

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