Melinda Tuhus, Beyond Extreme Energy

Melinda Tuhus has been an environmental activist for decades – but throughout the past five years has become focused on the fight to slow climate change. As a reporter she’s covered climate stories like mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia and the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

In this interview she shares her perspective on climate organizing and working with Beyond Extreme Energy.

For Melinda, meeting people and visiting communities impacted by extreme energy led to a deeper understanding of the need for climate justice. Even though human-caused climate change is serious, and at times overwhelming, Melinda believes we can do something about it.

She explains how grassroots campaigns have been able to slow down the development of oil and gas infrastructure and even cancel major projects. Not only can we win campaigns, but working together and building a movement can be rewarding on a personal level. 

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Music for this episode by Eilen Jewell – song is “One of These Days” from her album Sea of Tears.


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The soundtrack Halt the Harm podcast is”One of These Days” by Eilen Jewell from her album Sea of Tears.

Recorded, produced, and published by Ryan Clover-Owens in the studios of Eco-Defense Radio and WRFI.

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