Stephanie Novak – Funding the Frontlines

Stephanie Novak is a community organizer for Mountain Watershed Association (MWA) and seeks to empower community leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to engage in public participation in order to strengthen grassroots efforts from the ground up. She is the project coordinator for the Direct Support Fund which provides  small distributions of funds to individuals and grassroots groups working on shale gas issues. To date, Direct Support has provided over $100,000 to frontline communities.

Direct Support can be used for organizing and outreach efforts like mailing and printing costs, hosting educational events or fundraisers, community science and monitoring, and auxiliary legal costs such as filing fees or transcript costs.

We can also briefly talk about some of the tools that are available to frontline communities such as the zoning map, ABCs of organizing, and HHN.

That funding for organizing in response to shale gas development is available and that you do not need to be an expert to apply or to create have a successful project/campaign.

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