Travis London, Leadership and Connecting People

In this episode Travis London shares his story of taking leadership on environmental issues in his community in Donaldsonville Louisiana. We talk about networking, movement building, and learn about his experience fighting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline which would connect oil from the Bakken fields with refineries on the Gulf Coast.

Travis wants all of us to know and remember the power of people when we connect with each other and defend our communities. He says “we’re the ones who give power to the president, to government agencies, to industry – so when people join together and organize we can win victories. “

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About Travis London

Travis London is a networker and business owner from Donaldsonville, Louisiana involved in a variety of environmental justice issues. His business is in computing, but the harms of oil and gas industry motivate Travis to take leadership in environmental action.

“In 2009, I was working as a library assistant. I met an activist by the name of Alberta Hasten, who was the founder of the Louisiana Environmental Justice Community Organization Coalition, client council board member of Capitol Area Legal Service, a board member of the school board, and a 35 year community activist that influenced me to get involved in everything as she showed people how everything related back to the environment. She had admire my networking skills as I helped her grew out her organization. She also took me along as her secretary/accountant in every type of fight that she was involved in. We did things from helping develop the Cancer Alley research in 2010 alongside Dr. Merril Singer of the University of Connecticut to doing usual environmental outreaches in different communities.”


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