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Welcome to our June and July network newsletter (issue #5), a compilation of updates from leaders across the country, new media and resources, upcoming events, and network news.

How is your summer going? Since it’s summertime and things are moving more slowly, we decided to combine our June and July newsletters.

You can skim through this newsletter to see what’s happening in the anti-fracking movement and check out some great events and updates from our partners.

To see updates as they happen, stay tuned to network.halttheharm.net.

We’ve been enjoying the new monthly network-wide calls and the chance to build community with you all in the movement to halt the harms of the oil & gas industry. We just had our third ever network call last week, and leaders in the network shared their exciting updates from local fights around the country.

The monthly calls happen the first Thursday of each month. Sign-up for the August 4th call here


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🚨 Network Alerts

The following alerts were posted in the 📌 Network Bulletin Board

EDF is providing its Community Voices grants to residents impacted by low-producing wells, Melissa Ostroff

Environmental Defense Fund is now accepting proposals for project grants to highlight and empower the people affected by climate change and air pollution living with oil and gas wells in their larger community. → Find out the details on the network

FracTracker’s New Map of Pennsylvania Climate Stories, Erica Jackson

FracTracker developed this map with Nora Elmarzouky of in•sitecollaborative as a place to hold local stories and artwork about climate change in the state: its impacts, its causes, its solutions and what we’re fighting to protect from it. → Learn more about the map

FracTracker is also inviting other Pennsylvanians (or visitors to the state) to submit their art, photos, and stories, which you can do through this link!

Sign the Plastic Take-Back Letter to Wal-Mart and Giant CEO’s, Tamela Trussell

Move Past Plastic is asking people across the country to tell the CEOs of Wal-Mart and Giant to act on MPP’s Plastic Take-Back requests and end plastic packaging. → Take action here.

New map shows US population impacted by oil and gas infrastructure, Erica Jackson

In case you missed it, Earthworks and FracTracker released the new Oil and Gas Threat Map. The Threat Map reveals that roughly 17.3 million people in the United States, including nearly four million children, live within a half-mile radius of active oil and gas production. See the scorecard for your county Learn more here.

Notes from our Second and Third Monthly Network Calls, Ryan Clover & Kevin Richardson

In our June and July monthly calls, we had a chance to meet new leaders, and network members shared exciting updates and announcements from local fights across the United States. Here are the call notes and recordings for June and July (we only record the announcement go-around).

Our monthly calls are on the first Thursday of every month. The next call is August 4th. RSVP here

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📆 Upcoming

You don’t need to wait until the monthly newsletter to get upcoming events. To subscribe to the weekly event update, click here. You can also add your event to the calendar by joining the event planners discussion in the network.

July 21st, Pennsylvania’s Shale Gas Boom: How Policy Decisions Failed to Protect Public Health and What We Can Do to Correct It, Makenzie White

This one-hour webinar focuses on policy decisions made by the Pennsylvania state government that failed to protect public health from the harmful effects of shale gas development → Click here to register

July 21st, Climate Emergency Film Club, Tonyehn Verkitus

This is the second session in Physicians for Social Responsibility’s film club based on the five-part documentary Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops. Thursday’s session will focus on the dangerous feedback loop of melting permafrost. Make sure to watch the film before attending! → Register here

August 4th, HHN Monthly Call

Join people from across Halt the Harm Network in Zoom call for a go-around with campaign updates and news. It’s a chance to share, learn about different campaigns, and meet other people affected by the harms of fracking and oil & gas. → RSVP here

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📹 New Media

Here are links to recorded media posted in the network Recordings space in April, 2022

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🧰 Recommended Resources

We’re always discovering new resources in meetings, events, or from things people share in the network. Here is a compilation of some of the new things we’ve come across over the last month. If you want to share a resource, please post in the conversations space.

  • Health Report on Hydrogen Blending, Physicians for Social Responsibility → Read more
  • New Explainer: West Virginia v EPA, Congressional Progressive Caucus → Read more
  • Map of Low Producing Wells, Environmental Defense Fund → See the map
  • Know Your Oil & Gas Report, RMI → Read more
  • Direct Support Fund, Mountain Watershed Association (MWA), Applications are accepted each month → Read More

📌 Tip of the Month – Managing Notifications

Here is a new tip for getting the most from the network, by Ryan Clover.

Joining Leaving, and Starting Network Channels to manage the types of content you see in your network home feed.

Network channels are discussion spaces moderated by leaders in the network. New channels are added according to need. → See list of channels to join

Do you want to start a channel for your region, organizing, or to connect with people around a specific topic? Please complete the discussion space form and we’ll have it up and running for you! → New discussion space form

💭 Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! This email is a group project by members in the network who want to help the exchange of information and connections among leaders fighting the oil & gas industry.

Each month we start this newsletter with a shared document and then use the monthly network call to gather some of the updates included. Share your updates in Halt the Harm Network to be included in the next edition of this monthly newsletter!

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