🗞 September 2022 – Network Newsletter (Issue #7)

Halt the Harm Newsletter

Welcome to Halt the Harm’s September network newsletter (issue #7)!

Here you can see what’s new in the anti-fracking movement along with upcoming events and resources from leaders in the network.

There are quite a few updates from our September call and from the forum. To see updates as they happen, manage your profile and notifications at network.halttheharm.net. You can also RSVP to our next network call to share your own updates.

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🚨 Network Bulletin Board

The following alerts were posted by leaders in the network. See the 📌 Bulletin Board to read more and join conversations.

  • New Report Shows uncontrolled industrial emissions from oil infrastructure at 68 sites in Californiain California, Sarah Carballo
  • Help Amplify the new “Gas Lit by Natural Gas” campaign, Caleb Heeringa
  • Crypto Policy Symposium, Jackie Sawicky, “All electric vehicles are offset by waste from the bitcoin network.”
  • Sign-on Letter to Stop Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) + Email Your Representative to Oppose Manchin’s Side Deal that Would Greenlight the MVP, Freeda Cathcart
  • Manchin-Schumer backdoor deal fast-tracks gutting of environmental policies and protections, BJ McManama
  • New Digital Toolkit for recent report on fracking failing rural Pennsylvania, Ben Hunkler
  • Environmental Health Project (EHP) Statement on the Public Health Impacts of Blue Hydrogen Production, Sherry Van Lange
  • Sign up for Environmental Polling Consortium’s weekly polling round up, Leah Zamesnik
  • Interesting points for people working on communications from David Gold, Marty Kearns
  • Notes from our September Monthly Network Call, Ryan Clover & Kevin Richardson

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New Features for the Network!

Have you noticed the network’s new look?

This month we’ve released updates to help grassroots leaders and organizers connect and advance their work together.

  • Easier posting and comment threads
  • Faster search to find leaders and conversations you can join
  • Direct messages have improved – and you can start private chat rooms by inviting other people into a conversation

→ Check out these updated features on network.halttheharm.net

📆 Upcoming Events

You don’t need to wait until the monthly newsletter to get upcoming events. Make sure your profile is up to date and you’ll receive our weekly digest of event and post updates. Contact me anytime to add events to the network calendar.

✨ September 15th, Titans of Plastic – New Breaking Report by EHN

One of the largest petrochemical complexes in North America is about to start operations in western Pennsylvania. Join environmental health journalist Kristina Marusic in the release of a new feature story with Environmental Health News (EHN) and Sierra Magazine called “The Titans of Plastic”. → RSVP Here

September 15th, Climate Emergency Film Club – Atmosphere, Tonyehn Verkitus

The third session in Physicians for Social Responsibility’s film club based on the five-part documentary Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops will take a look at the feedback loops associated with the atmosphere. A warmer atmosphere absorbs more water vapor, which in turn traps more heat and warms the planet further in an accelerating feedback loop. Climate change is also disrupting the jet stream, triggering a feedback loop that brings warm air northward, and causes weather patterns to stall in place for longer. Make sure to watch the film before attending! → Register here

October 6th, HHN Monthly Network Call – October 2022

Join people from across Halt the Harm Network in Zoom call for a go-around with campaign updates and news. It’s a chance to share, learn about different campaigns, and meet other people affected by the harms of fracking and oil & gas. → RSVP here

See all events in the 🗓 Network Events Calendar

📹 New Media

Here are links to recorded media posted in the network Recordings space since August 2022

See all events in the 📹 Network Recordings Space

🎉 Acknowledgements

We’re celebrating the big victory in California where, after years of grassroots organizing, the state legislature passed a new law implementing a 3,200 foot setback from new oil and gas wells and strengthening protections for people who live and work next to existing sites.

Shout out to FracTracker’s Kyle Ferrar, who spent countless hours bringing attention to leaks and emissions using FLIR cameras. Congratulations to all of the California leaders and supporters who fought hard for years for this victory. → Discuss this important victory on the network

🧰 Recommended Resources

We’re always discovering new resources in meetings, events, or from things people share in the network. Here is a compilation of some of the new things we’ve come across over the last month. If you want to share a resource, please post in the conversations space.

📣 Finally, Welcome to new members!

(Click on names to join us in welcoming new leaders to HHN)

Erika Ninos, Brand new staff member with FracTracker Alliance (I am based in western Pennsylvania)! Looking forward to learning with and from all of you and building community.

Rebecca Roter, accidental activist, democratically involved citizen, native Pennsylvanian, born/raised in West Philadelphia, and now based in Jackson County, GA. In 2008 I began advocating for the environmental and public health of shale gas communities, and facilitated academic and citizen science research documenting impacts to water/air/public health.

Linda Edwards, Organizer, Extinction Rebellion Rochester, NY. I live in Rochester, NY. I recently founded a new XR chapter here and have been actively organizing and participating in non violent civil disobedience road block actions in DC with Declare Emergency demanding that President Biden declare a climate emergency and halt all extractions on federal and indigenous lands.

Frank Finan (Sentinel Award Winner), I am an independent advocate working to document fracking since 2017 in North Eastern PA.

💭 Final Thoughts

We appreciate you reading through our first newsletter of the fall season.

What a slate of updates leaders have this month! We’re excited to help amplify the hard work all of you are doing to halt the harms of oil & gas pollution.

We know there will be even more to share as folks swing into high gear for the rest of 2022.

Like everything Halt the Harm does, this newsletter is a collaborative project. These updates come from grassroots leaders who are taking advantage of the network to share information and resources and help build up the movement.

We invite you to join that effort and share your updates in Halt the Harm Network to be included in the next edition of this monthly newsletter!

Ryan Clover
Halt the Harm Network

P.S. Don’t forget to RSVP for our October Network Call. Our monthly calls bring together leaders from all over the movement to share the latest from their area, and it’s a great opportunity to get your updates in front of other leaders. We’ll share many of those updates in this Newsletter. Check out the ones from the September call below.

Make sure to sign up for the October 6 at 2:00pm ET call here.

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