Air Quality in Northern Colorado: What’s In Our Air?

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A joint effort by Colorado Rising ( and the Larimer Alliance (, this 90 min webinar recorded on March 16, 2022, was focused on explaining the source of the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that cause the severe surface-level ozone problem in Colorado’s Front Range, the region east of the Rocky Mountains from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, where most of Colorado’s population is.

The presenters are an expert videographer with Earthworks, who has filmed many leaking O&G operation sites using a FLIR camera; a local physician with Physicians for Social Responsibility whose patients prove the respiratory harm ozone is doing, and an atmospheric scientist who is the owner/operator of Boulder AIR, a company that manufactures and maintains air quality monitoring sites for 4 Front Range cities, which is the only technology in use that can distinguish the sources of ozone from their two primary sources, O&G operations, and vehicular exhaust.

The Larimer Alliance & Colorado Rising are planning a sequel webinar that will focus on the legislative/regulatory actions that need to happen now that the sources of our air pollution are known.

Stay tuned!

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