Andy Myers, Using Film To Mobilize

In this episode Andy Myers joins us to talk about using film as a tool for organizing and mobilizing around an issue.

Andy Myers is the Campaign Coordinator for Working Films. A longtime proponent of linking films and activists, he has coordinated several state and national film campaigns, facilitated cross-organizational coalitions, and led multiple trainings for NGO’s and grassroots leaders aimed at using documentary film to advance their work.

Andy’s shares tips on using films effectively, and sees them as an example of how arts & culture is integral to successful movements. He recommends using short films that spark discussions, and recognizing film makers who collaborate to tell stories.

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About Andy Myers

Andy Myers is the Campaign Coordinator for Working Films, he holds a B.A in film studies and a B.A in environmental studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

A longtime proponent of connecting film with activism, he has coordinated various national campaigns which leverage the narrative in social issue documentaries to advance the efforts of organizations with shared goals.


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