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In this episode Dante Swinton, the coordinator of the Divert Baltimore Program talks about organizing and advocating for alternatives to developing a waste incinerator that would cause a public health crisis in Baltimore. By taking leadership and a design thinking approach, Dante is able to show that diverting the waste from incineration has social, environmental, and economic benefits.

Dante advocates for thinking outside of the box, instead of just focusing on what we’re against. He says it’s important to build a solution. With a strong solution we can be effective in our efforts.

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About Dante Swinton

Dante has had an interest in environmental protection for 20 years, and has worked with Energy Justice Network since summer 2015. He has run for state and local office to raise waste/recycling, energy, transit, and domestic violence issues. He has a Bachelors in Environmental Studies from Winthrop University, and a Masters in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Baltimore.

Dante is the Divert Baltimore Program Coordinator; Environmental Justice Researcher & Organizer with Clean Air Baltimore. More information at https://www.cleanairbmore.org


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