Colorado Water – 3 Part Series

Join the discussion in Halt the Harm Network to connect with experts and explore further information on this topic.

Welcome to a 3 part series of webinars hosted by Halt the Harm Network and 350 Colorado. This event series is a gathering point for people concerned with or working on water issues in the region.

Join the Colorado Water discussion channel to watch the discussion-based replay about what we can do to address the oil & gas crisis in Colorado.

Webinar 1 – The Crisis

Learn about the history and current situation, especially water scarcity and quality. Watch en español.

Webinar 2 – Water Impacts.

Hear from residents across the state, in rural and urban areas, who are directly impacted by the water crisis and oil & gas drilling.

→ Watch in Colorado Watershed Channel

Webinar 3 – Taking Action in Colorado

In our final session, we explore potential solutions and find ways to take action. We’ll discuss how we can work together to support each other in campaigns to protect water in different parts of the state.

→ Watch in Colorado Watershed Channel

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