Ensure Safe Drinking Water – PFAS + Fracking

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Here is a fifteen-minute presentation about what PFAS are, their history, what environmental and health harms they cause, what the PA DEP and the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has done and is doing, and why we need to test for their presence in our drinking and wastewater.

Want to help ensure clean drinking water in your area?

We’ve put together a Toolkit that will help you notify your municipal governing leaders and water specialist to engage them in PFAS education and request the municipality tests for PFAS in their drinking water and wastewater.

Items in the toolkit will include:

  • MPP PFAS campaign goals
  • Potential PFAS Contamination sites maps
  • Labs who are EPA and DEP certified to test for PFAS
  • Free well testing
  • Copy of MPP’s testimony to be submitted during PA Bureau of Safe Drinking Water, BSDW public comment period
  • Toolkit for writing to your legislator and letter to the editor, LTE
  • Toolkit for writing testimony to PA DEP’s Bureau of Safe Drinking Water (BSDW) during the public comment period with talking points of concern
  • Presentation slides
  • Video of Presentation

Following the presentation you will be guided to maps to find potential PFAS contamination sites near you.

Finally, you will be connected with an accredited lab for PFAS testing on well water.

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