Gillian Graber, Protecting Our Children From Drilling

Gillian moved into a residential suburban neighborhood to raise her children and live a peaceful life – but then she received a letter from an environmental monitoring group warning her about a proposal to frack for shale-gas in her neighborhood. If allowed, it would immediately endanger her family and community – so Gillian took action.

In just a few years Gillian became a full time organizer dedicated to protecting her community from the harms of fracking. She talked with neighbors, reached out to organizations who could support her work, and started gaining traction.

If you are living in an area affected by fracking and want to learn more about effective community organizing, then you’re going to love hearing Gillian’s story and checking out the resources she shared with us below.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Halt the Harm Podcast with Gillian Graber.

As Mentioned in the Show:


Gillian Graber is a cofounder and now the president of Protect PT, a community organization working to ensure the safety, security, and quality of life for people in Penn Township, Trafford, and surrounding communities. For the past two years they’ve been organizing to prevent fracking from putting their community at risk.

She’s also working with Protect Our Children, a statewide coalition working to stop drilling near public schools.

What We Talked About:

In this interview Gillian shares how she got involved with community organizing. She explains what specific steps she took to grow her organization to what it is today.

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