Lisa Graves-Marcucci, How to Challenge Industrial Permits

Welcome to Halt the Harm Podcast, I’m Ryan Clover – today I’m talking with Lisa Graves Marcucci about challenging industry at the permitting level.

If you are concerned with the growing number of fracking infrastructure projects in the U.S, I think you’re going find this episode incredibly valuable. Lisa shares two decades of experience challenging industrial activity such as coal, oil, and gas projects. She helps us understand what questions to ask, where to intervene, and how to identify the tactics used by industry to discourage us from getting involved.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Halt the Harm Podcast with Lisa Graves-Marcucci.

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Lisa has been a community advocate for over 20 years. Since joining EIP in 2009, her efforts to protect human health from power plant and oil and gas pollution have grown from the community to the regional and national level. Lisa has conducted extensive reviews of permit files for EIP, helped to identify violations, and organized citizen testimony at numerous public hearings before local, state and national agencies. Lisa was invited to speak before the National Academy of Sciences in October of 2004 in Washington, D.C., advocating for more effective regulation of coal combustion waste disposal.  Ms. Graves-Marcucci is a life-long resident of Pittsburgh’s Monongahela Valley and is a graduate of Duquesne University.

Main Message:

Industry tries to discourage participation in the local permitting process new industrial activity. But getting involved is critical, and there is a tangible set of tools you can use to challenge industry and start getting results.

What We Talked About:

In this interview Lisa shares how she began a two-decade career scrutinizing industrial projects and learning how to stand up to industry. She brings strength and determination to her work – and in this interview she shares some of the common forms of intimidation that industry representatives and “experts” use to discourage public participation during the permitting process.

In her  experience Lisa has seen patterns emerge, and educates people how to stand up to industry and challenge these permits.

Why? Because in her two decades of experience she’s never found a permit for an industrial project that didn’t have problems or mistakes. She is currently in the process of creating a Citizen’s Toolkit, which will be available through the Environmental Integrity Project and help everyday folks like you and me participate in decisions that impact us.

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