June 2023 – HHN Newsletter (Issue #13)

This week marked Juneteenth, a holiday that reminds us that big structural changes are possible through organizing and action.

Understanding our history can prepare us to navigate today and the future we’re creating. Here’s to moving forward in solidarity toward a safer and equitable future.

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Meet Hannah Spencer, Mountain Watershed Association

Hannah is the Program Development Manager at Mountain Watershed Association, situated in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. We recently interviewed her for Halt the Harm Network’s Cafe Chat. Catch the replay of that here.

Hannah’s passion for environmental justice and nature conservation stems from her upbringing in West Virginia, where she developed a deep love and appreciation for the outdoors. Her journey into environmental activism began in high school when she researched mountain top removal mining, which sparked her interest in protecting the environment.

At Mountain Watershed Association (MWA), Hannah plays a vital role in the organization’s multifaceted work. MWA has a number of water quality initiatives, including manages 6 abandoned mine drainage treatment sites within the Indian Creek watershed that treat water from iron and aluminum contamination from legacy coal mining. The organization leads efforts in land conservation, recently acquiring nearly 200 acres in the Indian Creek Gorge to promote public access for fishing and conserve a wild-reproducing trout stream. MWA organizes to protect the community and watershed from pollution from coal mines, methane gas activities, and hazardous waste landfills.

We want to thank you to Hannah for sharing her story and for all of the incredible work her and her team at Mountain Watershed Association do! Learn more about their work here: https://mtwatershed.com/

🎉 Acknowledgements

An example of replacing peaker power plants with clean energy solutions

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the dedicated team at BEAT/No Fracked Gas in Mass! Your exemplary efforts in advocating for environmental justice by expediting the transition from polluting power plants to clean, cost-effective energy solutions are truly commendable.

By retiring two plants in Berkshire County and negotiating with others, you’re not only lowering the climate impact but also enhancing the health of local communities, especially those disproportionately affected by emissions. → Read more here

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