Network Leaders mobilize over 6,000 comments to strengthen federal methane protections!

Over 6,000 leaders and supporters in Halt the Harm Network participated in the EPA methane rule comment period by submitting comments calling on the EPA to protect communities from oil & gas pollution. They joined hundreds of thousands of people across the country who wrote in support of strong federal methane protections.

We want to especially celebrate leaders Cozetta LaMore, Heidi Leathwood, and Peggy Ann Berry for their work on motivating people to participate in the EPA comment period.

This year’s updates to the proposed methane rule would strengthen methane standards by ensuring all wells are regularly monitored for leaks, that outdated pneumatic equipment is replaced with zero-emitting options, and that abandoned wells are subject to inspections until closure.

Still, the rule doesn’t go far enough and many sent in comments demanding the rule be strengthened by eliminating routine flaring and ensuring communities and individuals have a clear pathway to participate and engage in the Super Emitter Response Program.

Learn more about the methane rules here:


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