New Years Reflection – Growing the network to fight oil & gas in 2022 ✨

Happy new year!

We are thankful for the many gifts of time, talent, and kindness that network leaders and others have contributed over the past year – a year of turbulence and change for many of us.

As John Beard Jr., one of the 2021 Community Sentinel Award Recipients said, “This fight is not just my fight. It’s a fight of all of us. It’s a fight for the survival of humanity and to preserve the only earth we have.” 
Thank you for joining us in the fight!
This email gives an overview of some of our highlights from last year, and gives you a look at what we have planned for 2022.

✨ Highlights from 2021 ✨

The year ended with some big events alongside a major upgrade to our online forum. Within a couple of weeks we already had people signing in from around the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.
We’re hosting a meetup and orientation this Thursday (register here).  All are welcome!

Here’s What’s New Going Into 2022

If you’ve been receiving our updates for a while you may think you know everything you need to know about the network – but a lot has changed.

In 2021 Raina RippelKevin Richardson, and Jamala Harrison joined the team, expanding our services and helping to launch an accelerator program, event production services, and campaign outreach support for network leaders.

Their contributions are too many to describe in this announcement, but have helped us connect and build together.

Also, dozens of leaders from TX, CO, MT, OH, KY, LA, and NY have stepped up to expand the network and shape the services being offered. The updated forum has capacity for live-streaming, shared resource libraries, and breakout-discussions on important topics.
Network Services in 2022 now include:

  • Campaign Accelerator – a four week collaboration to sharpen our campaigns against oil & gas projects by sharing resources, training, and input from guest experts (organizers, researchers, attorneys, and media professionals). More info here.
  • Context of Influence – Get insights from data analysts into the trends and patterns in relevant news and social media activity related to oil and gas development. Learn more here.
  • Leader Network – The vetted forum for leaders to share, discuss, and strategize together. Our recent upgrade makes the network more secure and useful – so please make sure your account is active. Log in or create an account here.
  • Network Library – This began with the TENORM and PFAS Briefing Packages curated by Dusty Horwitt, and are being developed by a breakout group to compile research on a variety of issues related to oil & gas – including industry points and counter-points.
  • Virtual Event Production – This is a pro-bono service provided to members of the network. Someone on our team will work with you on the technical production of your event. Join PSR, FracTracker, ProtectPT, and others who use HHN to save time and resources hosting webinars. Learn more here.
  • Weekly Events Broadcast – Over 3,000 people are subscribed to our weekly event updates, so make sure you list your event so the network can hear about it.
We appreciate you and all the wonderful people who make up the network.
Let’s build a stronger and more connected movement, together.
Sincerely, ​
Ryan, Raina, Kevin, Jamala, and Marty
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