Watch the Sentinel Awards Replay!

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It was such a great honor to share the Sentinel Awards Ceremony with all of you. Let’s stay connected here in the updated Halt the Harm Network! To invite people to join, simply share

❤️ Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible! Shannon Smith , Erica Jackson , Ted Auch , Rebecca Johnson , Megan Nguyen, Krishna Roy , Marty Kearns , Kevin Richardson , Jamala Harrison , Colin Cox, Elida Castillo, Lisa DePaoli , Denise Frazier, Eilen Jewell, and Winona LaDuke!!!

Also thanks to everyone who attended the event and brought so much energy, cheer, and support for the movement and for the recipients.

And thanks to the recipients, Travis London , Love Sanchez , John Beard Jr., and Veronica Coptis.

💌 Sign the Card. We’ve put together a thank you card for each of the recipients. Please take a moment to read about each recipient and add your comments.

→ Sign the 2021 Thank You Card

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