Ranjana Bhandari, Holding Strong for a Liveable Arlington

Ranjana Bhandari is a mother and economics lecture. She bought a house in Arlington Texas in 1993. It’s Texas, so it didn’t shock them when the realtor mentioned mineral rights – but hundreds of fracking wells right in their neighborhood, on school campuses, street corners, and city blocks? It was hard to believe.

Most of her neighbors signed the gas leases during the recession in 2008. It was hard to turn down the money. But Ranjana and her husband refused.

Chesapeake called them incessantly, trying just about every angle to get them to sign. Eventually they just said, “too bad, we’re drilling anyway.”

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Recorded, produced, and published by Ryan Clover-Owens in the studios of Eco-Defense Radio and WRFI.

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