📹 “Chemical Recycling” Myths Debunked

You’ve probably heard about the so-called “chemical recycling” technologies that the oil & gas industry is promoting as a solution to the plastic crisis. They claim that they can suddenly recycle previously unrecyclable plastic waste.

​Sounds too good to be true, right?

​It is. Most chemical recycling facilities are simply creating climate killing fuels to burn, not new plastic. Instead of reducing pollution, chemical recycling creates large quantities of hazardous waste and toxic emissions. And they disproportionately harm marginalized communities. Burning plastics is toxic greenwashing and only delays urgent action on plastic waste and climate pollution.

Our “Chemical Recycling” Myths Debunked webinar uncovered the misleading facts around so-called chemical recycling. We took a hard look at what these technologies really do – and don’t do – when it comes to tackling plastic pollution.

A panel of people immersed in the fight to stop so-called chemical recycling and its greenwashing to help us unpack the spin:

  • ​Veena Singla, Senior Scientist at NRDC and author of the report “Recycling Lies: ‘Chemical Recycling’ of Plastic is Just Greenwashing Incineration.”
  • ​Sandy Field, Save Our Susquehanna and Climate Reality Project
  • ​Tamela Trussell, Move Past Plastic

​Participants came away from the discussion with myth-busting facts to counter industry claims and a clear picture of real solutions, not false industry ones that delay action. You can use these facts when your community is threatened by the plastic burning industry and the misinformation they spread.

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