Oil & Gas Pipeline Right-of-Ways: Forest Fragmentation and the Spread of Lyme Disease

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Studies have linked the expansion of Lyme disease cases over the past two decades to forest fragmentation. However, there has been little research done on the role that oil and gas infrastructure in forested areas of southwestern Pennsylvania has had on this relationship.

​In this webinar, FracTracker’s environmental health fellow discussed her research on the relationship between oil & gas pipeline right-of-ways and Lyme disease. This research is intended to serve as a gateway to further research on the impacts that forest fragmentation caused by oil and gas infrastructure has had on the spread of Lyme disease.

Speakers: Ana Abel, current FracTracker environmental health fellow and Master of Public Health student at George Mason University in Northern Virginia
​This event was hosted by FracTracker Alliance in partnership with Halt the Harm Network.
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