No raids, no KKK, intersectional justice shows the way

August 4, 2017

Fighting the harms of fracking and gas development is not just an endeavor to fight where the steel pipes get placed or where holes are opened to the ground. Fighting…

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Webinar: Frac Sand Mining – Fracking’s Hidden Connection to America’s Breadbasket

July 25, 2017

Among those familiar with fracking, many are not as familiar with frac sand mining — the process by which industry removes, excavates, and processes silica sand for hydraulic fracturing across…

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Webinar: What’s In My Food? When Food and Shale Production Intersect

June 7, 2017

As much as clean air and water are necessary for healthy lives, safe and clean food is just as important. But what happens if the farms where our food comes…

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Will Detailed Litigation Reports Help Your Campaign?

May 19, 2017

As a part of the pilot Map of Litigation service, we’re working with a select number of Leaders to develop custom reports from Ravel Law to support leaders’ current and future…

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Webinar: Maryland’s Fracking Win – A Public Health Perspective

May 18, 2017

The recent ban on fracking in Maryland has energized efforts to ban fracking in other states and jurisdictions. The movement in Maryland was the result of a collaborative effort of…

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Welcome to the New Website

May 18, 2017

Welcome to the new, revised, updated, improved!!!! You can use this website to connect with others in the movement and get support for your campaign. This website is an…

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Webinar: Shale Gas & Oil Health Registry/Resource Network

April 20, 2017

Learn about the Environmental Health Project’s (EHP) new project, a registry and resource network for people living or working in the shale fields. It allows people to upload and document their health symptoms and potential exposures to contaminated air and water. Presenters are Jill Kriesky and Beth Weinberger from the SWPA Environmental Health Project , along with Lois Bower-Bjornson from the Clean Air Council.

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Add an extensive fracking knowledge base to your website

April 17, 2017

Want to provide support for people impacted by fracking on your own website? Here’s a quick video explaining the fracking help center, how it works, and how to add it to your…

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Fracking Next Door Help Center by Halt the Harm Network and Mountain Watershed Association

Building the Fracking Help Center

April 1, 2017

In direct response to leader interests, Halt the Harm Network piloted the Help Center. This was a public outreach and education initiative to help inform people near fracking sites of the potential…

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Uncovering Misconduct & Hidden Data in the DEP

March 29, 2017

For the first time ever, the public has access to thousands of citizen complaints related to fracking in Pennsylvania – the second largest producer of natural gas behind Texas thanks…

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