Greenwashing Hydrogen: Understanding the Climate Risks of Blue Hydrogen

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Is hydrogen energy a solution for clean energy or greenwashing that threatens to prop up the fossil fuel industry? Who is funding this technology? Where do they plan to use it? And why now?

​Hydrogen Energy is being talked about as the newest “disruption” to the energy sector and a zero-emission replacement for fossil fuels in heavy transport, industrial processes, and other energy-intensive industries that are difficult to electrify but must be decarbonized to meet climate goals. Unfortunately, “blue” and “gray” hydrogen are energy intensive to produce and often made from methane gas, relying on unproved carbon capture and negating any climate benefits. There is a major risk that blue & gray hydrogen could be used as greenwashing to prop up the oil & gas industry.

​Join us as FracTracker Alliance’s Ashley Kosak breaks down the different types of hydrogen energy, what impact it has, and what it means for the future of clean energy. She’ll discuss the serious problems surrounding blue and gray hydrogen and their connection to the fossil fuel industry. Ashley will also talk about the potential and challenges for implementing green hydrogen, which is produced from clean wind & solar electricity.

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