Train Wreck for Our Climate: Stopping the Uinta Basin Oil Train

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The US Forest Service has approved a railway that will transport highly toxic, flammable crude oil out of the Uinta Basin in Utah to refineries in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Washington. The project requires 88 miles of new railway, part of which will cross through a roadless area of the Ashley National Forest. This rolling pipeline will worsen the climate crisis, release unjust toxic burdens on vulnerable populations, and could result in derailments and spills that permanently damage waterways and ecosystems.

Watch this presention to learn more about the Uinta Basin Railway and the community-led opposition to this devastating project. Hear from local leaders who live along the rail route on why they object to an oil train barrelling through their communities. They’ll tell us how we can take action to help stop the oil train that threatens their communities and represents a ticking time bomb for our climate.

​Now is the time to put pressure on President Biden, Secretary Vilsack, state representatives, and local governments to prevent the Uinta Basin Railway from being built. Join us to find out how you can get involved!

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